Designer Grows Trees as Artistic Furniture Straight From the Ground | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on December 22, 2016

Using what he calls “Zen 3D Printing,” designer Gavin Munro is challenging notions of traditional furniture design. Instead of chopping down mature trees to saw and nail into chairs and tables, his company Full Grown actually grows furniture from the ground up. Trees are strategically planted, grafted, and shaped into specific structures. When harvested, they’re already elegant furniture pieces.

It’s a technique he and his team have been developing for 10 years, an arduous process that requires patience as the trees mature. Their open-air factory, located in the UK, is a four-acre field with 3,000 trees planted. They currently have 500 pieces in production, which include chairs, lamps, and tables. No glue or joints are used in the finished pieces, just grafts where necessary. The result is beautifully sculptural pieces that honour the original material and demonstrate what subtle, human intervention can produce.

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