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The Indigenous Red Deal | Red Nation

The Red Nation (TRN) invites allied movements, comrades, and relatives to implement The Red Deal, a movement-oriented document for climate justice and grassroots reform and revolution. This is not a region or nation-specific platform, but one that encompasses the entirety of Indigenous America, including our non-Indigenous comrades and relatives who live here.

This is a platform so that our planet may live.

We cannot expect politicians to do what only mass movements can do.

Join us as we build this movement!

No skits required. All are welcome.


The Red Deal
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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Ɍáıthold Шaџstatıoпȿ | ΠeшSıloȿ Coпcept

An intentional community concept using insulated repurposed grain silos for Co-Creative, Live-Learn-Make installed on underutilised, and or failed or failing residential, and abandoned commercial, or industrial liminal landscapes. This is intended to serve an intrinsically anti-Ecofacist agenda while adding another tool for addressing the effects of Environmental Racism through sustainable Urban Environmental Remediation, reGreening and reWilding.

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