Online Apps

Small steps. We begin with a basic virtual collaboration environment.

Ðiscourse Ғorum Login
Software for Civilized Discourse. When introduced the Discourse Free/Libre Open-Source community redefined the format for long-form text and image discussion.
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NextCloud Login
Cloud Storage with features that allow other services within a common online environment, such as an online version of LibreOffice named Collabora. Much as with Google Drive, registered members can co-author documents together in real-time. In addition, webmail, calendar, project management, with instant chat, video conferencing, even podcasts, and streaming music.
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In the near future, these two be further refined and more tightly integrated with a secure system for single sign-on, with ongoing introduction of improved security and introduction of a spatiotemporal database-driven system for Live Action Role Play world building, character creation, script, position and timing.